Suds Up! Suds Up! Monte Michelle first groomed Monte as a rescue with AFRP and his owner thought he was so handsome that he continues to use Michelle every 6 weeks for Monte's grooming needs. Michelle has been grooming Monte for 4 years now! 204833859 Cosmo Cosmo a Cavapoo enjoyed his Full Groom which included a deodorizing shampoo, a cleansing shampoo, a deep conditioning treatment, brush-out & detangle, blow dry, leave-in conditioner treatment, nail trim, ear cleaning, and cut & style! 204833854 Lulu Lulu gets a bath every other week and a Full groom 1x a month! 204833855 Charlie A labradoodle puppy who loves her spa treatments with Michelle. 204833857 Bear A labradoodle puppy, and Charlie's sister, received a Full Groom! 204833858 Ellington This Portuguese Water Dog got a much needed spa day and face/beard trim! 202026250 Gizmo Top is Gizmo's before picture and bottom is his after picture. Gizmo, a very furry Aussie mix, gets a smooth and sleek summer trim every few months to cut down on shedding! 204833856 Pearl Miss Pearl enjoyed a relaxing bath and some playtime after at Michelle's. 204833860 Monte Monte is such a handsome man after his Full Groom 204833861 Sophie Sophie the poodle mix enjoys her spa days with Michelle! 204833853 Angus This handsome labradoodle got all spruced up for the Holidays! 204833862 Angus 204833874 Clyde Clyde is a labradoodle puppy and his Pawrents like to keep his coat long but need his face cleaned up every now and then. 204833863 Sammy the mini Schnauzer This handsome fella just had his first Full Groom with Michelle and he could not look cuter! 204833872 Tawnee This beautiful rescue mix enjoyed a spa day and Full Groom. 204833864 Sydney This big ball of fluff is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is 13 years old and was in desperate need of a good bath and de-shedding treatment. Michelle was able to gently and slowly removed her matted undercoat and give her a soothing bubble bath to help calm her skin. She was looking extra beautiful after her spa day. 204833871 Mocha This adorable Shih Tzu puppy received her second grooming from Michelle and handled it like a pro. Today she received a bath, face trim, and feet trim. 204833867 Charley Charley is a labradoodle with some class! This handsome guy received a Full Groom! 204833868 Charley 204833869 Ollie the Cavapoo 204833921 Cosmo Cosmo is looking awfully dapper after his Full Groom 204833865 Bathe & De-shedding treatment Husky, Before & After 199126325 Monte 204833873 201123322 Henry Henry enjoyed a Full Groom. 202026252 Taz 204889059 Ollie the Cavapoo 204833922 Sammy the mini Schnauzer 204833876 Benny Top photo is Benny before his Full Groom and bottom photo is Benny after! What a cute little teddy bear! 204833877 Cess 204833926 Cess 204833924 Wire-Hair Fox Terrier Hand-strip and cut to correct an "DIY at-home haircut" 199126327 Abby This Westie mix enjoyed her Full Groom spa day! 204833875 Poppy This sweet girl was just rescued and her new family wanted her face cleaned up. I just love her cute little pony tail! 204889060 Rylee the Toy Poodle 204833923 Cosi 204889058 Ollie-Labradoodle This dog was such a joy to groom. At only 5 months old, he handled the entire process so well!!! 189344268 Kipper Michelle also grooms cats! Here she is giving Kipper a much needed nail trim. 204833866 Joey Joey, Kipper's brother from another mother, received a much needed (and appreciated by his mom) nail trim. Michelle uses towels or blankets to safely and gently restrain a cat while trimming their nails. 204833870 Bridget This beautiful chocolate labradoodle had a Full groom and is looking gorgeous! 204889067 Bear the Labradoodle 204833925 Billy the Mini Poodle 204833931 Ace the Cockapoo 204833932 Beau, Boomer, Chili, & Lily Everybody after their baths!!!! 199126326 Teeth Brushing When your schedule is too busy or you just don't have the patience to wrestle with your pet, call Michelle. Michelle has a gentle yet thorough technique when it comes to brushing your pet's teeth. 190740163 Molly Before & After, Shih-Tzu mix 199126324 Molly Molly's adoption photo. She finally found her forever home! 199678914 Hamish Before & After, Scottish Terrier who was severely matted and fox-tail infested! 199126330 Bentley A Labradoodle Michelle groomed for AFRP! He has been adopted. 199678916 Shane After his much needed spa day! 201123324 Shane Shane was a severely matted rescue that was in need of a spa day! Here he is after his bath, brush out, dry, and cut & style! 201123323 Sophie This sweet Poodle mix rescue enjoys her sPAW treatments! 204981990 Ellington 204981991 Mocha 204981992 Vonn Happy tails! This sweet AFRP rescue was adopted shortly after he got a makeover! 204981993